Semen Banking

Semen Banking

Semen banking is the most successful and tried method of preserving and storing a man’s fertility, so that he can try and have children later in life.

What is Semen Banking?

Those men who wants to freeze their sperm for use in their own future treatment or to donate to someone else’s treatment. These donated sperm usually must be stored for six months first in order to screen the donor for infections.

Is semen banking right for me?

You may want to consider freezing your sperm:

  • If you have a condition, or are facing medical treatment for a condition that may affect your fertility.
  • If you are about to have a vasectomy and want sperm available in case, you change your mind about having (more) children.
  • If you have a low sperm count or the quality of your sperm is deteriorating.
  • If you have difficulty producing a sperm sample on the day of fertility treatment.
  • If you are at risk of injury or death (for example, you’re a member of the Armed Forces who is being deployed to a war zone).

How does Semen banking work?

In this procedure, your sperm will be first tested for any infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis. This has no bearing on whether you can freeze your sperm or not but is to ensure that the affected sperm samples are stored separately in order to prevent any contamination of other samples.

You would then give in writing, your consent about your sperm being stored and you must also specify for how long you would want it to be stored for in the future.


Giving birth to a child is one of the most rewarding and the most thrilling experiences that any family can have and look for. Becoming a parent is an immense exercise in applied knowledge.

Maternity hospital

A maternity hospital, generally specializes in the caring of women during pregnancy and childbirth. The maternity department also provides care for new-born infants, and might act as a centre for clinical training in midwifery and obstetrics. Formerly known as lying-in hospitals, most - like cottage hospitals - have been absorbed into larger general hospitals, where they operate as the maternity department.

Maternity care

Every woman around the world has a right to receive good and a respectful maternity care. The concept of “respectful maternity care” has evolved and expanded over the past few decades to include diverse perspectives and frameworks.

Having a proper maternity care isquite important because:

  • The quality of maternity care varies a lot across providers and care settings. The care arrangements you make affect what happens to you and your health.
  • There is broad agreement that caesareans and many other maternity practices are overused and can cause needless discomfort and harm. Becoming informed and following proven tips can help you avoid these problems.
  • High-quality research points to many safer, more effective practices for you and your baby.
  • Your precious baby is counting on you to advocate for his or her best start.

You are embarking on many years of responsibility for managing health care across generations. Pregnancy and birth is an ideal time to develop skills, knowledge and confidence for a lifetime. You’ve come to the right place!