Embryo Freezing

Embryo Freezing

What is Embryo Freezing?

The method of preserving or freezing embryos is called embryo freezing, which can be used in the future. Let's see what is an embryo. Un-grown or early development stage of any organism is known as embryo.

How is it done?

Woman's ovaries are stimulated to produce many eggs in the IVF treatment, and the best ones are selected for the fertility treatment, rest will be freezed for the future use, in case of multiple good embryos are found. In the future ovaries need not be stimulated for the IVF treatment again, as the embryos are already freezed. On an average 75% of embryos will survive the freeze cycle. There are stories of 10-year frozen embryos have generated successful pregnancies (depends on the quality of the embryo). Unused stored embryos are also great source of stem cells.

Each embryois stored in a pre-labelled, colour coded straws along with the identification information. Hence it can be easily tracked and monitored. The frozen embryos are tracked 365 days a year, and physically checked for any problems by the Embryologists.

How long can embryos be stored?

Generally, no one knows what the maximum storage period might be. The procedures for human embryo freezing were developed in 1984 and only went into widespread use in the late 1980s. Some patients have come back after 10-12 years and the embryos have been thawed successfully and created healthy babies.

Embryo freezing is a gift by the science for childless couple for assisted reproductive technology. AMH-Anti Mullarian hormone test is been conducted to know the reserve of embryos in the ovary. Hence the individual can take a call whether this savings can be done now or soon.

Treatment Counselling

Counselling has a major role to play when it comes to treating infertility. The couples are offered counselling sessions during the treatment process. This helps to evoke a transparency between the doctor and the patient. Apparently, the doctor has all his ears towards the patient’s problems and then comes up with solutions. The couple is made aware about their issues and the different options at hand that could be made available.

Infertility Counselling is important before a donor program or surrogacy

A proper infertility counselling session becomes more important if you are going for a donor program or surrogacy. Things become a quite complicated when it comes to using frozen or donated eggs, sperms or embryos. You might have a lot of questions that pops up in your head that needs to be answered. An infertility counselling session provides you with a platform to have all your queries and doubts answered before taking that final step.

Replacing Misconceptions with Positivity

Infertility is an issue that is not something to be discussed often, especially in India. This is basically due to a lot of taboos still associated with infertility and assisted reproductive techniques. This often fails to provide you with the chance of exploring your feeling or the sensitive issues that are bothering you. You tend to build a wall around you and feel secured being unsocial. This often gives birth to misconceptions. Having straight forward discussions will not only ease out things but also allow you to look forward to a plenty of positive options that went unnoticed. Apart from this, talking to an expert will boost up your confidence; you walk out as a completely changed person with a more positive outlook. All that you discuss with your doctor is confidential unless there are exceptional circumstances.