What is Andrology?

Andro means man. Andrology is the study of disease process effecting men. More specifically disease processes effecting sexual and reproductive functions in men.

Who Is an Andrologist?

An Andrologist a medical practitioner qualified in Andrology. Currently, there is no medical degree recognised anywhere in the world, that qualifies one to be an Andrologist.

Typically, Doctors and Physicians working closely with the reproductive organs of men, gain special experience or interest in Andrology.

Urologist due to their special training, especially their intimate knowledge of the male sexual organs and reproductive tract, are eminently suitable to handle andrology.

But, every Urologist is not an Andrologist. Only Urologist who have had training in the field, usually practice andrology.

What are some of the symptoms that can be treated?

Some of the symptoms of Andrology would involve

  • Fatigue
  • Loss of mental sharpness
  • Loss of sexual appeal
  • Osteoporosis or bone issues
  • Issues of muscles and fat distribution

Is it difficult to diagnosis Andrology issues in men?

One of the great things about the field of Andrology is that it is quite easy to diagnose the issue. It only involves a quick discussion and a very basic laboratory tests.

How long has this speciality been around?

Andrology is a field that has been around for a quite a long time. But really in the past 10 or 20 years it has advanced so much that it is easily treatable and can really make men feel better as they age.

Male Infertilty Assessment

One of the first test that has to be done in the evaluation of the infertile male is the semen analysis. This test is quite inexpensive, easy to perform and gives valuable information.

If the semen analysis reporthas turned out to be perfectly normal, this would generally rule out a significant male factor component and investigation and the treatment should be more appropriately targeted at the wife. In fact, in most of the countries, the first test in the evaluation of an infertile couple is the semen analysis. This is normally performed before any tests are conducted and investigated on the female partner.

Most Often, in the case of male infertility, the semen analysis is abnormal. Either the count is low (oligospermia) or the sperms are altogether absent in the ejaculate (azoospermia).

While in some cases, sperm motility is severely affected (asthenospermia) and sometimes the sperms are totally immobile or dead (necrospermia). There are many other abnormalities that one may find on semen analysis.

But when your doctor finds any abnormalities in the semen analysis, the next step is to try and find a cause for it. To do this, one must perform additional investigations. Some other tests also might need to be performed like the semen culture, anti-sperm antibody estimation, scrotal ultrasound, hormonal assays, karyotyping, vasography etc.